Friday: World music programme - SOLD OUT

Explore the artists performing 5:30 to 9pm, Friday 3 September. Tickets: £20 (plus £1 booking fee)

  • Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company
  • Bossa Trio + Giulia Drummond
  • Toby Mottershead
  • Dunbar Voices

Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company

Daniel was born in Cordoba, Spain and started his flamenco guitar studies at the age of 17 in the Royal Conservatoire of Music of the same city. In 2015 he moved to the UK to work as a flamenco guitar soloist, for different companies and artists as well as collaborating in various musical projects and festivals. In 2017 he founded his own company, the Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company, and debuted his first production, the Art of Believing, which has gone on to receive exceptional press and audience reviews, win awards and grace the stages of many theatres, guitar and arts festivals across the country. The award-winning flamenco production - The Art of Believing hosts an exceptional group of musicians; flamenco singers, guitarists, percussionists, a violinist and a dancer, joining Daniel in a must-see powerful performance bursting with passion and authenticity. Art of Believing is a truly unique, magical production where the audience will enjoy a rich variety of flamenco styles.

Bossa Trio with special guest Giulia Drummond

Formed in 2018 and led by internationally acclaimed Portuguese singer and guitarist Sergio Prazeres, the Bossa Trio has captivated audiences with its infectious, rhythmic Brazilian music – songs beautifully sung by Sergio in his native Portuguese, which capture the very pulse of Rio, the Copacabana and the inner-city Favelas with a host of traditional Brazilian musical forms – Forro, Capoeira, Samba, Partido Alto and of course, Bossa Nova, lying at the very heart of this wonderful band’s musicality. Rhythmically tight and coupled with a wonderfully strong sense of engagement, you’ll immediately feel the warmth and charm of Bossa Trio – Sergio Prazeres (acoustic guitar and voice) Nick Gould (tenor sax) and Kevin Dorrian (drums and percussion).

Giulia Drummond - singer-composer from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Her musical background is filled with magical sonorities from all over the world, from Afro-Brazilian chants to celtic music, visiting bhuddist and hindu mantras, hephrew, sephardic, gypsy music, in a constant research for as many influences she can find on what she refers to as Magical Musics.

Toby Mottershead

Acoustic and Steel guitar player, singer, and raconteur Toby Mottershead takes you on a tour of old time blues and gospel music - showcasing his obsession with artists like Blind Willie McTell, Robert Johnson, Rev Gary Davis and many more.

"He may just be a 'grown-up skinny white boy in the wrong country singing the blues' as he puts it, but Toby Mottershead, singer with the popular Edinburgh roots band Black Diamond Express, can sing naked blues with rough-grained eloquence"
Roots of the Blues, reviewed by The Scotsman’s Jim Gilchrist

Dunbar Voices

Since 2017, Choir Director Moira Morrison has been inspiring the talented young singers and musicians of our town to come together and develop their voices through a Kodàly musicianship programme.

Opening the Festival with a short introductory set, you can expect upbeat, infectious rhythms and a selection of their favourite songs from around the globe. The choir is accompanied by by pianist Sarah Lake and percussionist Jordan Fergusson.